served with premium extra chunky bleu cheese dressing.
Add celery or carrots $0.50

6 – $9.79 80 – $95.99
10 – $13.99 90 – $110.99
20 – $26.99 100 – $115.99
30 – $39.99 150 – $159.99
40 – $50.99 200 – $209.99
50 – $61.99 300 – $295.99
60 – $73.49 500 – $479.99

We’ll gladly accomodate any “All Flats” and/or “All Drums” requests for a modest charge of $1.95 per 10 wings. Split charges apply.



Gluten Free sauces marked as (gf)

Mild (gf)

A flavorful taste without the kick

Medium (gf)

A touch of spice adds life to this sauce

Hot (gf)

Our most popular middle of the road, a kick without a kill

X-Hot (gf)

Hot — NOT for the faint at heart

911 (gf)

Edible, but for experienced Buffalo wing eaters only

DOA (gf)

For those who crave a LONG burn

Gold Fever

A rush of flavor, sweet and hot

Classic BBQ (gf)

A traditional southern recipe that will leave you wanting more

Honey BBQ (gf)

A sweet, tempting & satisfying sauce

Matt’s Mad BBQ (gf)

BBQ with an X-HOT blast

Sweet Heat (gf)

Honey BBQ & X-HOT perfectly blended

Tangy Honey

Similar to honey mustard, only sweeter

Bay Wings (gf)

Golden brown & dusted with Old Bay seasoning

Butter & Bay (gf)

A combination of two great flavors

Lemon Pepper (gf)

A lip-smacking butter-based sauce


A buttery wonder for serious garlic lovers

Flamin’ Garlic

A super hot garlic sauce

Jerk (gf)

“Medium” buffalo style sauce dusted with Caribbean jerk spices

Blackened (gf)

“Medium” buffalo style sauce dusted with cajun spices

Honey Bourbon

A sweet honey sauce with the bite of bourbon


A taste of the orient

Spicy Sweet Asian

A sauce with a kick and a great Asian flavor

Mango Habanero

The sweetness of the Mango with smoky habanero peppers. Be careful, this one bites back!

Garlic Parmesan

A garlic, parmesan and italian herbs blend


Our always-tasty wings BUCK-NAKED


2 oz. 4 oz. 16 oz.
Sauce $0.79 $1.59 $6.45
Bleu Cheese $0.79 $1.59 $6.49
Celery $0.50 per pack